Red Pavillion

Further Reading: Red Pavilion. Images by Andy Stagg.

“When you build a path, a stable, a house, a neighbourhood, always keep the city in mind” – Luigi Snozzi

Park benches, doors, niches, bay windows, market halls, arcades, drainage networks, and loggias are assembled to make a propped facade and a series of spaces between Lewis Cubitt Square and Park. At once festive hall and formal fa├žade, the Red Pavilion is a fleeting piece of civic infrastructure, temporarily redefining these emerging public spaces. It is offered to the people of London to use, a memory in the evolving life of this rapidly changing part of their city. The Red Pavilion is a collaboration by Architects Clancy Moore, Steve Larkin and TAKA. It was built by Sisk

Materials: OSB, Corrugated Fibre Cement; Spruce Lumber, Precast Concrete Pipes (filled), Precast Concrete footings; Mild steel flats, straps and bolts; Red Paint.