Yellow Pavillion

Further reading: Yellow Pavilion. Images by Andy Stagg.

The city is a work in progress, steadily collecting – collecting buildings, streets, memories, experiences, activity, ideas, materials… the city is a collection of collections.

The project presents two collections – the 1000 bricks it contains (substantial, heavy, yet individual); and the arches (light, temporary, yet forming a structure with depth and visual weight). Just as the city records the constant exchange between private and public experience, the Yellow Pavilion offers a space of intimacy within the public forum of Lewis Cubitt Square, whilst becoming allegorical to the infrastructure of a city. The Yellow Pavilion was designed by Hall McKnight Architects and built by Sisk.

Materials: 18mm Tricoya, 18mm Plywood, salvaged Belfast bricks, LED lighting mounted on aluminium angle, Keim paint.