Domus: Best of #red

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Designers bravely choose red for buildings, temporary pavilions that stand out, installations that break with minimalism.

– Placed between two glass windscreens, Benthem Crouwel’s building for the bus drivers in the bus station at Amsterdam Central has a sleek, yet playful appearance.

– MVRDV’s new project for this tennis club with a viewing platform on the rooftop works as a central gathering, a “urban living room”, for IJburg, a new residential district in the east of Amsterdam built on six artificial islands.

– Made in Earth’s project for this home for HIV-positive children in Tamil Nadu, India, uses color to turn the simple concrete shapes of the building into a playful landscape.

– Janet Echelman’s monumental, aerial sculpture is suspended over Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway knitting together the urban fabric and echoing with its form the history of its location.

– Part of the art village The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, conceived by Atelier Van Lieshout for the Ruhrtriennale, the Domestikator symbolises the power of humanity over the world.

– Rammed earth extracted from the local clay pans, pebbles and gravel quarried from the river bed are the palette of materials used by Luigi Rosselli for this 230 metres long wall that encloses twelve earth covered residences for farmers.

– Designed by TOMA! and winner of jury and public award at FAV 2015, the anamorphic architecture transforms a circle in a habitable sculpture on the seafront of La Grande-Motte.

– For the exhibition at the Museo Marino Marini devoted to Nino Cerruti Studiopepe stages clothes on scaffolding fluo red tubes reflected by the mirror floor.

– Conceived by Pico Estudio, Colectivo Independientes and Colectivo Ruta 4, Punta Arenas Service Station is an experiment in the use of architecture to achieve community empowerment.

– As part of the London Festival of Architecture 2015 Ireland has been selected as the international country of focus. The Pavilion by Clancy Moore, Steve Larkin and Taka is part of this focus.